What is the Draft Manager?

The Draft Manager is a tool that aids during the draft process. The Draft Manager projects season point totals (based on league settings) for each player. The Draft Manager then determines the number of players that are going to be playing (by position) based on league roster settings. Based on points and the number of players that will be rostered by you and your leaguemates, the Draft Manager determines which draft selection will provide the most added benefit to your roster. Draft Manager is a classic Value Based Drafting tool and shows you which player will provide the most added benefit based on value. You will still need to factor in your roster requirements while drafting. The Draft Manager tool does NOT account for Defense or Kickers. The assumption is you can find valid replacement Defenses and Kickers on waivers based on matchups and the draft advantage would be canceled out by streaming Defenses and Kickers.

Where can you find the Draft Manager?

Open your CBSSports.com league, click on "Tools" in the menu
Then click the "Value Based Draft Manager" icon in the app bar (the 1st in the example below)
cbs location image



How can it help me win my league?

The draft is probably the most important event of your fantasy football season. Use the Draft Manager to calculate in real-time which player will score the most points above a given replacement player - i.e. which player adds the most additional value to your team. Load your roster with the most value, and you will dominate your league.

What if I am having trouble with the app?

In the event that you run into issues or have concerns with the app, please contact us at Draft Manager